What Does A Telephoto Lens Can Offer You

Telephoto lens make things look bigger. Everyone knows that. But don’t use your telephoto lenses simply just to magnify distant objects. Long lenses also provide a particular perspective and look that you can use creatively in a variety of ways. Whether you are applying selective focus to concentrate attention on a subject while allowing the background to blur, or squeezing the apparent distance between two subjects that are, in fact, widely separated, the telephoto lens is a versatile tool. Here are some of the ways you can use them.

Isolate interesting subjects

A telephoto lens or zoom setting offers less depth-of-field so you can use selective focus to make your subjects stand out distinctly from their backgrounds. This effect is especially useful when the background is cluttered or distracting.

Get closer to skittish creatures

Interesting wildlife such as deer, wild birds, tree frogs, and less friendly creatures such as bears, can become wary when humans approach. While you have capturing a great picture in mind, they may be thinking flight or fight. A telephoto lens, a bit of stealth, and maybe some camouflage can bring these distant critters nearer to you.

Telephoto Lenses Features

Compress distances

Lenses with focal lengths compress the apparent distance between objects, so a line of automobiles will appear to be bumper to bumper when they are actually each 20 feet apart. Telephoto compression is a great tool for creating a feeling of intimacy between subjects that are actually widely separated.

Get in the middle of the action

Telephoto lenses are a valuable tool for getting you into the middle of sports action. You can take your camera to the periphery of a conference between a pitcher and catcher at a crucial moment, or capture a running back bursting through a hole to pick up yardage. Even sports that can be photographed from fairly close, such as basketball or soccer, can benefit from a telephoto perspective.

Telephoto Lens

Improve your portraits

Wide-angle lenses can exaggerate human features, making noses which are much closer to the lens appear larger, and ears which are relatively much farther away look too small. A moderate telephoto
lens can help your portrait subjects look their best, by providing a flattering perspective with noses, ears, and other body parts portrayed in their best proportions.

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