Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lens or wide angle zoom can add special effects to your images which you can't get with other lenses. You can use them alone, or in combination to produce very special images. Something as simple as shooting a subject from a high vantage point or down at ground level can give you a picture that is dramatically different from what you get with telephoto and normal lenses. Here I show you some of the things you can do with a digital camera wide angle lens:

Give you room to move

If you’re shooting outdoors, you can quickly find yourself with your back to a wall, or needing to step into the street to move back far enough. Indoors, shooting an interior photo without a lens that is wide enough may be possible only if you go outside and shoot through a window. But a wider lens or wider zoom setting makes it possible to fill the frame from a reasonable distance, and gives you room to move around for different angles even in tight confines.

Wide Angle Lenses

Increase your depth of field

Wide angle lenses offer more depth of field at a given aperture than a telephoto lens. Of course, the fields of view and perspective differ sharply. If you step back far enough with a telephoto to take in the same field of view as a wide angle, the DOF is actually the same. But, as a practical matter, if lots of depth of field is your goal, a wide angle lens is your best bet.

Emphasize foreground subjects and create distortion

A wide angle lens used for landscape photography emphasizes the foreground details while moving the distant scenery farther back from the camera. A wide-angle shot of distant mountains bordering a glassy lake shore might look dramatic. Or, you can get extra close to a living subject and create a distorted wide angle look.

Digital Camera Wide Angle Lens

Create interesting angles

Too many photos are shot from the eye level of the photographer, and the resulting image is as mundane as the shooter’s imagination. Crouch down and shoot up at your subject. Or, you can try climbing a ladder, scaling some stairs, or taking some other lofty vantage point to gain a new perspective as you change your viewpoint.

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