Amateur Photography

So, when you already have a camera in your hand, what is the next step for you to take great digital photos? I'm sure a lot of photography beginners out there wondering why they can't take a good photos. In this post, I will discuss the basic knowledge that needs to reside in the brain of every beginner photographer.


Beginner  photography for amateurUnderstand how your camera works

After you buy your camera or maybe someone give you the camera as present, make sure to read the camera's instruction manual. Learn how to turn on your camera, how to adjust the exposure settings, or how to use the self-timer. I promise that everything you need to know about your camera is there. If your camera turn out to be so complicated (DSLR especially), write a cheat sheet with lists of steps, such as, "To turn off the auto-sharpening feature, press the Menu button, then…."

Some of the photography techniques need you to use specific exposure mode or lens setting. It may ask you to switch your camera to close-up mode to take photos a few inches from your subject or maybe even call to use the camera's built-in flash. Learn how to do these now so that you can add some simple but effective tools to your shooting repertoire.

Learn some photography fundamentals

Fundamentals are the basic skills you must acquire to do well in whatever you do. Knowing the basic principles of photography will not only help you to take better pictures, it will make your picture taking more enjoyable. Whatever part instinct and luck take in the production of great pictures, a little knowledge can be much more important.

  • You can nudge your pictures into a more pleasing arrangement by understanding a little about photo composition.
  • Knowing how focus can make parts of your image sharp or blurry gives you the freedom to use focus selectively to isolate or emphasize subjects
  • If you like sports photography, you can improve your techniques by learning how the shutter speeds can freeze action.
  • Even you are not lighting effects expert, understanding how light works can improve your people pictures greatly

Find out how to use an image editor

Photography for beginner

In digital photography, you can do lots of things after the shot to improve your photo or even transform it into an entirely new one. Image editors enable you to fix bad color, crop pictures, or remove defects such as "red eyes" found in many flash photos. Advance technique let you do anything from eliminating trees that appear to grow out of your subject's head to bringing seriously damaged photos alive. Try to develop skill with image editing program if you truly want to be an all-around photographer.

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